I'm an international selling artist specialising in pet portraits and British wildlife. I live and paint in the beautiful South Downs National Park, England with my husband and three dogs


It all began with a tiny nightingale watercolour. Desperate to get my uncle Peter something special for his birthday, I searched the loft for my old watercolour paints. 

I’ve always had a huge passion for anything that has fluffy ears and a tail. As a child, I would lie on my belly drawing animal after animal, especially dogs. My father was a talented watercolour artist and encouraged me to add colour to my many sketches. Although it scared me at first and I found it hard to control, I loved how it brought my animals to life. 


Although I continued to play around with watercolour paints, dipping in and out of it as the years went by, it wasn’t until my uncle’s nightingale that I was hooked, it was the right time, my art journey had begun!


At that time I was running my own gardening business full time, so the art had to fit in with that. It was still dogs I loved to paint, so it was a natural progression to take on pet portrait commissions. It started with friends, then friends of friends and the next thing I was sending pet portraits out to America! At that point, it was hard to fit it all in and feel I had the time to explore my style, so I reduced my gardening work and started to concentrate on setting up my art business.


So today I still continue to learn and take huge pleasure in painting with watercolour. I strive to keep my work loose, free and fresh. 


It’s an unpredictable medium but it’s magic and I just adore it!


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